Dr. Amos Baranes CPA

Dr. Amos Baranes received his PhD from the University of Chicago Department of Economics.  He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Dr. Baranes is entrepreneur and academic scholar.  Among his many accomplishments are development of automated option trading platform, the founder and chief architect of Academic City and author of the book "Business Intelligence for Business".   He has publish many academic articles in the fields of finance and computer science. His research interests include Corporate Valuation, Option Pricing, Business intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning with applications in the fields of economics, accounting and finance.  

Dr. Baranes is a master in developing mathematical and operational systems.  It's favorite systems are option trading platform, corporate valuation application and business simulation for managements.  These three systems required multi disciplinary approach of high knowledge in mathematic, high programing skills in many programing languages and above all high architectural skills.  While the option trading platform does not require human intervention and corporate valuation require some human judgment, business simulation is all about team work to carry out corporate decision to increae value of a company.

Dr. Baranes established Academy City to allow everyone around the world the opportunity to learn essential skills which could be applied to every field.  Currently, Academy city offers three programs: Web developments, Machine Learning and business finance.  Graduates of each program, has the necessary skills to get employed in high paying job.  Moreover, Academy City is also, providing career employments to its students with projects around the world.


Research Interest:

Data Science, Software Engineering, Business intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Option trading, Corporate Valuation, Finance and Economics.

Academic Positions:

Courses taught:


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  1. Text Book: “Business Intelligence for Business.” Contract was signed with World Science for publishing the book in 2022), (Pending).

Conference Presentations

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Experience in Business Activities

Professional Profile

Extensive knowledge and experience in multi-disciplines with entrepreneurship life-force: Advanced Algorithms, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Programming in many Languages (Python with several advance packages, Django and Django-CMS, R, SQL, MDX, C#, etc.), Financial Instruments and Corporate Valuation, Economics of Social Networks, Academic Activities. Above all, fast learner with immense curiosity and innovations.

AcademyCity.org, Founder and president, 2017-present

Advanced framework for on line training using simulations. The institution’s main expertise is in training high level management using simulations. For that, our framework includes Content Management system Built with Django-CMS, Django, Python and database. In addition, we provide training in advance courses in Data Science: Framework for Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learnings.

The framework of Academy City is an Excellent LMS for High schools and college. It includes video conferencing, Smart White board and chat which are fully integrated into course web page. In addition, the institution provides consulting to startups in the field of machine learning and deep learning to improve performance.

Finally, the institution, develop many types of database driven web applications which are easily customized for deferent types of web applications. The high level of our team with innovative technology, allows us to provide fast and reliable services to customers

Option trading algorithm Options Trading 2018-present

I developed a implemented a process to identify and use arbitrages in options. I use the most advanced technologies to achieve high performance to discover arbitrage in options trading.

Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) World Bank Consultant 2011-Present

Awarded a World Bank contract to undertake a comprehensive review of ICT infrastructure, systems, strategy, and business processes at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, and to recommend upgrades, enhancements and strengthening of current ICT systems. In addition, I introduced new systems and strategies that resulted in modern and integrated systems able to meet current and future needs of the School. The KSMS is a higher education institution that provides BA, MA, and MBA degrees. The school provides education programs for all Financial Institutions including banking, insurance, and pensions.

ReNaissance Financial Holdings Limited, ZW Consultant 2008-2010

Advisor on several issues in banking, insurance, valuations and business intelligence for a holding company in Zimbabwe

Bank Hapoalim, IS Consultant 2007-2008

Advisor on implementation of Business Intelligence Systems

AVNAT LTD, USA Owner (and CEO) 2000 - 2007

Established the company and the head research and development department

Lexecon Inc. Senior Economist 1991-1999

Combining economic theory and financial analysis to support clients’ position in litigation.

Price Waterhouse Transfer pricing Economist 1989-1990

Evaluated and advocated transfer-pricing policies for multi-national enterprises.

Humanitarian activities in Africa – Among my business activities in Africa, I am working with SCI Africa Foundation in Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire, to improve food content and distribution to children in rural areas.