Ms. Asio Brenda

Economics and Statistical Web Developer

Ms. Asio Brenda is about to complete her program in Web Developments (certificates 1,2 and 3) as part of the data science field. She has also acquired extensive experience in design framework for web software projects at Academy City where she is  currently working. She is also expanding her knowledge in Financial Statement Analysis at the University of Haifa.  She is part of the team developing special components for Financial Statements Analysis at Academy City.  Her long term plan is to be expert in the field of economics, finance and machine learning.  She will be receiving her BA degree in Economics and statistics from Kyambogo University, in the middle of 2021.

Ms. Asio Brenda is a hardworking web developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions in the least amount of time. She is also passionate about building world class web applications. She developed the advanced framework for the website ueconomics which has been used to build data visualizations and basic graphs such as line and bar graphs, pie-charts, histograms using Python, JavaScript and the library Plotly. 

projects worked on.

The ueconomics website. The ueconomics website is basically a web based application to analyze data. It shows a case study on imports and exports data downloaded as a pdf from Uganda Bureau of Statistics, turned into excel and later updated into a database.

A view of the ueconomics website.